Living Yoga

Living Yoga | August 2016

Early August ... the "halftime" of Summer, and what a beautiful summer it's been!  The long-awaited privilege of spending sunny days on our many area beaches; enjoying nature's bounty from local farm stands bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables; rejoicing in the light lingering late in the evening sky ...filling us with gratitude for all that we have in the form of Simple Gifts.

A multitude of blessings are on offer for each of us, and with each gift, comes an opportunity to give back. We yogis have the ability to do so!

Transform your opportunities into obligations by taking it upon yourself to work for the common good each day, in great and small ways.  It all matters, and by doing so, everyone is uplifted.  

Think in terms of  "a rising tide lifts all boats".  Consider yourself the tide, which lifts up and buoys those around you.  Someone must.  Why not You?  Why not now?



Living Yoga

We are stardust.  

Almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of an exploding star.   Although the science is complicated, physicists have determined that 93% of our body mass is essentially stardust.  Exploding stars cast out into the universe the elements that eventually bound together to form planets and to create all nature; and eventually, you and I. 
One could say stars are our ancestors. 
Every material and resource we know was created from elements born in stars: our food, water, everything in nature and every one of our material possessions are made from elements forged by stars.
Do we need further proof that we are all one and connected to the Divine source that is our universe?  
Even before we are born, we share a universal consciousness, yet our tendency is to struggle upstream to create separation.  Separation is nothing more than an illusion and is essentially impossible. 
Only egos, beliefs, and fears separate us.

When we truly embrace the concept that we are all one, religion cannot separate us, politics cannot divide us, wealth cannot classify us.
As you gaze at the stars in the nighttime sky, truly feel the pure light within; one which cannot be extinguished by circumstances or events, or by the perceived darkness in others.  We are all connected in universal consciousness and we are truly all in this together!