Living Yoga | October 2015

cananda geese

Welcome Autumn ...  Our season of harvest and transformation.

The daytime sky is a deeper blue and night arrives earlier.
The ocean becomes sharp indigo; a breathtaking contrast
to the surrounding marsh grass subtly turning from mojito green to golden caramel.
Deciduous trees, their leaves growing old, first
burn bright before releasing their grip on branches.
Canada geese assemble and somehow "know" it's tim
Our lives move so quickly through vehicle and  electronic windows ... unable to notice our surroundings. 
We simply "arrive" - a metaphor for our fast-paced lives.
And, know this: we risk the gift of witnessing seasons passing and the transformation that is waiting for us all.
To move forward in pace with Nature, as we're intended to do, we must take time to simply sit in stillness and silence. October briefly invites us. Even if something is left undone, we must take a moment to sit and notice Autumn.
Nature is aglow. Do not miss a moment.