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best yoga studios north of boston

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Yoga is an ancient discipline that blends gentle exercise, controlled breathing and focused meditation. It is a practice that is usually safe and comfortable for all levels of participants and skill levels. There are many different yoga techniques, but they all focus on health, relaxation and relief of daily stress. Finding the right studio for a participant to take classes requires investigation into the yoga techniques offered, as there is a huge variety available. Each of these Boston yoga studios offers a unique set of classes and techniques from which to choose a class.

Empower Yoga
Commodore Plaza
43 Enon St. (Route 1A)
Beverly, MA 01915

Empower Yoga offers Power Yoga, which is practiced in a 95° F studio and results in a great deal of sweating. This intense and physically challenging yoga technique, which is a specialty of this studio, increases inner and outer strength, flexibility and balance for the participant. There are varying skill levels of Empower Yoga classes offered on a regular basis with the class duration ranging from 45 minutes to a two-hour class. The goal of Empower Yoga is multi-fold and includes toning muscles, weight loss, boosting the immune system, detoxifying impurities, relaxation and so much more.