Living Yoga | May 2016

Yay May! 
The New England winter yields to early light and the sound of birds getting their Spring on!  We emerge from behind our windows and walls.  Mother Nature spreads her arms and invites us to come outside.
Awakened yogis look to Mother Nature as a guide.  

Give yourself the gift of dropping the artificial and surround yourself with all that is natural: Rise with the sun and go to sleep with the darkness; your natural rhythms will be aligned with the earth.

Drink plenty of fresh water and avoid anything processed. 
Generally, avoid the center aisles in the grocery store.  
Select only that which is grown or raised locally, 
naturally and, of course, made with love.
Shed all that has become "heavy" and burdensome; 
start with your closet and perhaps, move on to the company you keep. 
Turn off your cell phone; your computer; your television.  
Artificial light and an artificial sense of connection deplete
both our bodies and our souls.

Additionally, practice this mantra this month:

MAY I embrace this spring with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm,  
MAY I breathe deeply the fragrance of flowers; 
the heady musk of fresh soil; the salty brine of the ocean nearby.MAY I shine a light from my soul so bright
that it resonates from my eyes and into your heart!