Living Yoga | December 2016


December is chock-full of visual stimulation and distraction ...
a potent combination that can block us from seeing the humanity within others.  Our patience and compassion can grow as short as the days moving toward the Winter Solstice.
Through commitment to our practice, yogis learn to accept, believe in, and love themselves.  
With intention, we strive to bring our most positive energy to
everyone we encounter.  We are charged with spreading kindness.  
We have a responsibility to spread peace. Together, we can send
these gifts to those in our intimate circles and to those we've never met.

Those who live by anger and hatred are suffering within.  
Send them your charitable spirit and love.
Those who use oppression and violence to force their ideology, live in a prison within their own minds.  
Sing for them songs of emancipation, possibility and joy.
To those who live in isolation, send them fellowship.
To those who live in darkness, send them your radiant light.

A veritable yogi's sack of gift ideas that just might change the world.
When our individual energies align, together we create a powerful wave.  We cannot necessarily see it, but, have faith that somewhere a shift will occur.Together, in time, our common vision will create the reality that we all seek ...

Peace on Earth ... Namaste.