Lisa Garlitz

lisa garlitz

Lisa Garlitz is co-owner and co-founder of Empower Yoga. After college in Virginia, Lisa acquired business experience while living in California for a year and in Madrid for 2 years. After living in Spain, Lisa settled in Boston where she started a successful telecommunications company. After 10 years of building her business in Boston, she decided to pursue passions outside of the telecommunications industry. She moved to Manchester-By-The-Sea and focused on raising a family.

After the birth of her second child, Lisa discovered yoga. As a life-long fitness and sports enthusiast, Lisa enjoyed the physical challenge of hot power yoga, combined with the mental peace and tranquility. As a runner, she found yoga to be a perfect workout to balance frequent runs and essential in preventing injury as she trained for two marathons. As a busy mother, she appreciated the serenity that yoga provided.

“I had tried a variety of yoga classes and nothing quite clicked with me, until I tried hot power yoga. I was immediately drawn to the intense physical challenge. I came out of that first class, drenched in sweat, and completely invigorated. Over time, I discovered that yoga strengthened my body on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is a workout that is so complete. Everyone needs this type of yoga.”

Lisa and Tricia joined forces in 2003 and combined their efforts to create Empower Yoga. With Lisa’s business background and experience in starting new ventures, combined with Tricia’s extensive knowledge and experience in teaching yoga and fitness, they decided to partner up and bring hot power yoga to the North Shore of Boston.  As a busy wife and Mom of three, Lisa handles the finances and administration of the business, while Tricia enjoys teaching the many of the classes at Empower. With the growing success of Empower Yoga, Lisa and Tricia plan to extend Empower Yoga beyond Boston’s North Shore, opening locations in other areas of Massachusetts.