kelly Haas

Kelly Haas

 Kelly started her yoga journey after moving to Boston over twenty years ago.  
She walked into her first Bikram class looking for  a way to cure a hangover.  
Kelly quickly realized there was a lot more to yoga than just exercising and sweating out a big night.  But, with the busyness of working as a nurse, getting married and having three babies in four years, yoga was not a big part of her life until a few years later ... 
In 2005, she was drawn to Empower Yoga out of desperation and the stress of raising three toddlers. 
Hot, flowing power Vinyasa filled a place in her soul; Empower quickly became her second home.  The peace and ability to find space in her body and mind was addictive. Yoga made Kelly feel like a better mother, daughter, wife and friend.
After practicing with the Empower team for over ten years, Kelly was drawn to study yoga at a deeper level and become a yoga teacher.  She completed her 200-hour RYT teacher Training with Tricia Philpott, at EMPOWER, in May 2016.
She is currently studying Prenatal Yoga to combine her career as a labor and delivery nurse with her desire to share her yoga with women who will face the challenges of becoming new mothers.
Teaching yoga allows Kelly to share her love and passion for yoga. It fills her need to
nurture, be creative, and help others.
Kelly’s background and training as a nurse complement her skills as a teacher as she weaves anatomy, physiology and holistic health into her classes.  She teaches a strong flow with gentleness emphasizing good alignment and foundational poses for a healthy longevity.  When Kelly is not practicing or teaching, she is happy spending time with her family: her husband of seventeen years, her three teenage boys, and her Golden Doodle, Sadie.                                                                                     Kelly enjoys reading, traveling, or thinking about getting away ... cooking healthy foods, studying nutrition and its impact on good
health, and most recently meditation.  
She is forever grateful for discovering yoga and meeting the amazing teachers who have guided her  on this journey.             As Kelly explores Patanjali's eight-limbed path of yoga, she often comes back to the quotation from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche,
“It is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free.”