Chakra Clearing Yin Yoga: Sunday, November 5th


Chakra Clearing Yin Yoga, Gem Stones, Healing & Acupuncture (optional)

All Levels Yin Yoga, Chakra Identifying and Clearing with Sacred Crystals, Essential Oils and Reiki Healing.  Guided Savasana with Optional Acupunture

with Willa Worsfold, Scotty James, Kai and Joyce Nolan

Sunday, November 5th

2 - 4 pm

$30 In-Advance ($35 at the door)

Remember the holidays last year? Yeah neither does anyone else...

THIS YEAR - explore your BLISS before the holidays - so that you can be present and welcoming when they do arrive.  

Enjoy this nurturing workshop as you explore the properties of the chakra system, 

learn to balance your system with gentle Yin Yoga, 

discover the beauty of sacred essences and crystals, 

learn about and receive, if you chose, acupuncture for the change of seasons, 

and wrap it up with a reiki infused and crystal adorned, guided savasana. 


Willa Worsfold received her YIN training from Josh Summers over the last 4 years, and has taught yoga and meditation for 20 years

Scott and Kae McCraney are the founders and creators at Scott received his Teacher Training from Solstice Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training and Kae is a Reiki Master. 

Joyce Nolan has practiced  her warm and kind acupuncture, nutritional and healing practices in Hamilton, MA for over 20 years.