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Hands-On Assistant Training with Lesley Rice


Hands-On Assistant Training

with Lesley Rice

Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th

1:00 - 4:00 pm

$60 per session |  $100 for both sessions

This Workshop is Open to ALL:

Yoga Teachers and Anyone Looking to Take their Love of Yoga to a new level!


The Assistant Training will cover learning how to spot necessary hands-on assists and how to approach your students with steadiness & ease.  


We will Cover:

* The elements of a proper assist

* The knowledge of which assists may work best for an individual

* The Basic assists for the foundational poses

* The alignment principles that will allow you to adapt an assist to be helpful for similar poses. 



A proper hands-on assist, given with knowledge and sensitivity, can help us find the moment when we feel centered in a yoga pose, both strong and grounded allowing us the courage to explore further and go deeper. 

Hands-on assisting is one of the most important tools a yoga teacher can offer students.  


It feels extraordinary, inspires confidence and helps educate the body so it recognizes and internalizes the proper alignment for the next time we are in the pose.

Join Lesley and learn classic alignment techniques, new techniques, and more!