Super Soul/Super Bowl Sunday: Meditation & Mindfulness 101

Meditation & Mindfulness 101
Sunday, February 4th
1:00 - 3:00 pm
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Join Susan on Superbowl Sunday (well before the game) to learn the basics of Meditation and Mindfulness

Tom Brady, practices Meditation and Mindfulness
Come learn why these basic practices can change your Life!

It's no secret that Tom Brady (a.k.a. GOAT) practices yoga & meditation.  Maybe he's on to something!

Here is an excerpt from that explains a big part of Tom Brady's key to success:

Tom Brady's health regimen would not be complete without a healthy dose of ancient Eastern wisdom. He is a hardcore lover of yoga, which he gives credit for miraculous mental and physical benefits. "It's great for flexibility, it's therapeutic, and great for your attitude," he tells

In Bloomberg's Lighting Round With Tom Brady questionnaire, Brady tells anchor Stephanie Ruhle how much he loves transcendental meditation. Just like his revolutionary workout regime, Brady's meditation practice also came from the suggestion of Guerrero. "Our method relates to being physically fit, emotionally stable and spiritually nourished," Guerrero tells Bishop. "Emotional stability allows you to have spiritual awareness. I always tell him and Gisele they're the most spiritual nonreligious people I know."


You have to admit it — Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes of all time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a New England Patriots fan or not. To pull off a historic win in the Super Bowl after an enormous deficit is the latest testament to an athlete who continues to perform at the top of his game even as he approaches his 40th birthday.

What is the combination of qualities that creates a top athlete? And what can we learn from that to perform in our own lives?

Of course a professional athlete must be in incredible physical condition to excel at their sport. But to be a champion, you need something more. It comes down to our foundational building blocks of mind, body and spirit and training in all of these areas to perform at the top of our games.

Tom Brady recently cited a book called The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Side to the Mental Guide of Peak Performance, by W. Timothy Gallwey. He shared this pencil-lined passage on his Instagram account:

Perhaps this is why it is said that great poetry is born in silence. Great music and art are said to arise from the quiet depths of the unconscious, and true expressions of love are said to come from a source which lies beneath words and thoughts. So it is with the greatest efforts in sports; they come when the mind is as still as a glass lake.

Brady cited the Patriots’ “mental toughness” after the Super Bowl and in his MVP speech when speaking about their win.

Mental toughness has two main components: mindful focus, and a believing spirit.

  • Mindful focus is the glass lake.
  • The believing spirit is the fire burning beneath the lake.

Mindful focus is a calm state of mind that can experience unaltered reality — meaning seeing what is presented to the eyes, hearing all sounds, sensing all touch. In this state, anxiety, doubt, fear, anticipation, analysis, have no place. Some athletes also call this being in “the zone”.

In yoga, meditation is used as the tool to train the mind to be still so the mind can serve us. The undisciplined mind creates useless chatter, castes automatic judgments, projects our emotions onto our experiences, anticipates outcomes, and sows worry and anxiety. The Yoga Sutras site “one-pointedness of the mind” as the solution to the run-away mind that creates distractions and obstacles for us.

If Tom Brady had an undisciplined mind, he would have never gotten past the fact that he was down nearly 20 points at halftime! He may have started doubting himself, feared failure, or been distracted with all that was needed to be done to win. Mental toughness means one-pointedness of mind — to be in the moment and play in the moment. No past, no future, only now. One play after another.

A focused mind is essential and with the fire of spirit focusing action, we have a winning combination. Believing spirit is the second element that’s key here.

One of the Yoga Sutras says to deal with obstacles and their consequences “the recommendation is to make the mind one-pointed, training it how to focus on a single principle or object.

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